"Two consultations, which have just been issued by BIS and the FRC, now clarify the applicability of the new EU Audit Regulation and Directive to smaller and non-quoted financial institutions. The definition of a "Public Interest Entity" is being extended from June 2016 to include all banks and insurance companies of whatever size, where as previously only PLCs and the largest financial institutions were affected. These new PIEs will be subject to the same re-tendering rules, prohibited non-audit services (NAS), 5 year partner rotation and auditor engagement with the audit committee as the largest PLC. From around 2019, they will also be subject to the 70% cap on NAS. This extension of the rules has passed many smaller financial institutions by.

Worse still, the EU Audit Regulation is law and fully applicable in the UK, so breach of these rules is a serious offence. June 2016 is now very close and new PIEs need to understand when the new rules affect them and how. It is quite possible that some will need to organise an audit tender during 2016 so as not to break the law. Audit Review can help. We have a range of services to help firms comply regardless of size and experience".

Audit tender and audit review specialists

Audit Review provides audit committees and management with the proper resources and proven methodology for an independent and objective review of all audit arrangements.

We enable you to comply with corporate governance requirements and ensure your business is maximising audit quality and value for money.

Our involvement ensures that you have the proper resources for effective audit review and audit tender management and significantly reduces any disruption to your core activity.

Audit Review combines a unique and proven review and tender methodology with a detailed understanding of your audit review and tender requirements.

Our experienced team has a deserved reputation for honesty, integrity and the highest levels of professionalism and are able to work as a team with your board, audit committee, finance, internal audit and procurement team to set tender objectives, assess responses and ensure your objectives are met.

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