"Audit Review's intelligence is that, with a large round of tenders behind, them audit firms will seek to recover the costs of tender and the transition costs resulting from taking on a new audit. The result? …an uplift in fees. If you’re concerned about costs we can help".

Audit tender and audit review specialists

Audit Review provides audit committees and management with the proper resources and proven methodology for an independent and objective review of all audit arrangements.

We enable you to comply with corporate governance requirements and ensure your business is maximising audit quality and value for money.

Our involvement ensures that you have the proper resources for effective audit review and audit tender management and significantly reduces any disruption to your core activity.

Audit Review combines a unique and proven review and tender methodology with a detailed understanding of your audit review and tender requirements.

Our experienced team has a deserved reputation for honesty, integrity and the highest levels of professionalism and are able to work as a team with your board, audit committee, finance, internal audit and procurement team to set tender objectives, assess responses and ensure your objectives are met.

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