The benefits of tendering and change should outweigh the disruption of existing relationships and mutual trust and the costs and resources deployed in a tender exercise and working with a new auditor
"The timing of the non-audit service cap is now clear: the 3 year measuring period only begins for the first financial year commencing after 15/6/2016 and is only measured once 3 financial years are complete, so it will only bite in 2019 or 2020 for most companies. The FTSE100 seem to have got this under control and are anyway down to 30% NAS as % of audit. However we’re convinced that the FTSE250 haven't got their minds around this and need some help: this is not primarily an audit issue but affects all professional services procurement from accounting firms".

Our services

Audit Review assists audit committees and management in enhancing their assurance over financial reporting. In doing so, we assist in compliance with the highest standards of corporate governance as reflected in the UK Corporate Governance Code.

There may be many reasons why you review or tender your audit and why you should change internal or external auditors… and each situation will have its own set of priorities. Audit Review will work with you to ensure the objectives of your review or tender are clear at the outset, which will in turn enable an objective process and a focus on the key areas.

Simplified audit review process - illustration

Our independent review and tender services will ensure the process

  • brings a fresh perspective unconstrained by relationships and protocols that may have been in place for many years

  • delivers the most relevant audit approach that focuses on current and future risks and needs

  • leads to new approaches and insights

  • results in a better technical audit, optimising the use of technology and increased assurance

  • increases the value for money of your audit and critically reviews the cost in the light of amounts for non-audit services

  • provides the best team of people to work with – stronger personal chemistry, greater commitment and enthusiasm, and an improved cultural fit

  • allows a fresh and challenging external review of your current control environment, risk management systems and controls.

Our services

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